Are Removal Companies Responsible for Damage?

Everybody wants to make moving as smooth as possible. This is why searching for reliable removal companies that can ensure the safe arrival of your belongings is essential. When house removal companies damage your possessions, you have the responsibility to file a proper claim. There are several actions you can take so you can recover the cost of the damaged items.

What are the liabilities of removal companies?

It is important to note that the process of filing a damage claim may vary from company to company. With that said, you need to be familiar with the resolution process. There are many laws that govern movers such as the state laws. The insurance you purchase will also be a determining factor for the company’s liability, which includes the declared value coverage.

The first step to making a claim is to record the damage. This will serve as your evidence of the damage. You can take pictures of and make notes of the damaged items. The information will be required when you make a claim as it proves that the damage has indeed existed. It is also recommended that you keep your damaged items in your possession.

You will also need to put the house removal service on notice. The company will require you to submit some requirements. Make sure you obtain the proper forms. Once you have made a claim, the company will require a personal inspection of the damaged items. Some companies may set a time limit for filing a claim. It is essential to be mindful of this and try to follow up on it as soon as possible to keep the company in the loop.

Once the company has acknowledged receipt of your claim, you need to wait for a response for approximately 120 days. If you still have not received a response within 120 days, reporting the moving company to the state will be your next move. This will urge the company to act on the claim you filed so they do not run the risk of losing their license.

Removal companies have different policies when it comes to making a claim. Being aware of the terms and conditions by reading the fine print will keep you on the right track.

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  • March 28, 2018