The Cheapest Removalist Is Not Always The Cheapest


Want to find the Cheapest removalist?

When looking for Cheapest removalist in Melbourne do your homework and don’t just go on what seems the cheapest.

We all want to keep expenses to a minimum but looking around for the cheapest rate can be a trap if you do not check for what is included and if there are any exclusions.



why a cheap removalist can cost you a lot more

When asking the price, check whether the removalist offers fixed or hourly rates and if they have a minimum time requirement (e.g. some removalists will charge you a minimum of 2 hrs).

Moves – No minimum charge

How are you charged after the minimum time requirement – do they charge in 15 min or hourly blocks?

Moves – We charge in 15 min blocks

Are their different rates on weekends or public holidays?

Moves – We do charge an additional $10 per hour on weekends and public holidays

Do they charge a callout or depot fee?

Moves – No Callout or depot fee

Any fuel levies or return to base charges?

Moves – No fuel levies or return to base charge for metropolitan Melbourne

Are Toll charges included or extra?

Moves – All tolls are included

What is the type and capacity of the truck and how many removalists?

Moves – we will attempt to match the truck to the job and normally provide to qualified removalists but we can provide additional removalists and trucks if required.

Insurance included or optional? Does the removalist company include insurance or offer it in the price? If you’re moving all your worldly possessions or precious items then it is advisable to find a removalist company that offers insurance. Some will include it in the published rate while with others it is an optional extra. Even if insurance is not important to you a removalist that can’t offer you insurance should ring alarm bells.

Moves – We are fully insured and your move is automatically covered.

Hire professionals to help you pack your items securely. You will also gain greater peace of mind as your belongings are delivered to your new home damage free and in one piece. Send Moves your details and we will give you a quick quote.

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Video Transcript

So you are looking around for a removalist.

And like most people you want the best deal.

The best deal is seldom from those with the lowest rate.

It would be great if it were that simple.

You can’t assume that every removalist will take the same amount of time

and the same professional care with your possessions.

Not to mention the hidden extras some removalists charge.

Many of the cheaper removalist companies use inexperienced transient workers.

Some with questionable or even NO background checks.

Comparing removalists companies on their hourly rate can be a big mistake.

If the company that was a few dollars cheaper takes much longer to move you, then you saved nothing.

And If they break the precious family heirloom…

Or help themselves to some of your possessions…

There is a lot more involved in the cost of a removalist than just the hourly rate.

So don’t look for the cheapest rate.

Because there is a good chance it won’t be the cheapest move.

Instead look for experience.

An experienced removalist will move your belongings quickly and safely.

You also need to be aware of the hidden additional charges.

Some will have a call out charge.

Some have a minimum charge.

Some have a fuel levy.

Some have depot fees.

Some ask you to pay the toll charges.

Some charge extra for insurance.


At Moves we don’t have any of these extra charges.


We keep it simple.

The clock starts when our truck and removalist team show up at the pickup point…

…and stops when the last item of furniture is removed at the new place. We have been moving Melbourne and Geelong residents for over 30 years.

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