Experienced Removalists Do Make A Difference


There is no shortage of removalists out there but not all are experienced removalists. To start a removalist business all a person needs is a truck and a couple of able-bodied workers then register a business name and maybe print some business cards and paint the business name on the truck. There is no training or certification required. Anyone can start a removalist business even if they do not know the first thing about how to move items of furniture carefully without damaging the item or walls and doorways let alone have an understanding of how to pack and secure the load during transit.

Avoid damage by using professional and experienced removalists

It’s not hard to pack a box of clothes or carry a few smaller items but when packing breakable items or moving larger pieces of furniture experience does make all the difference. When you are dealing with very large or heavy items like wardrobes, pianos and pool tables you really need professionals.

A skill that very few appreciate is packing and securing a load for transit. It would not be an exaggeration to say there is an art to this. A poorly packed load can result in damage during transit as the load shifts and items knock against other items. The load also needs to be secured using ropes and straps. If this is not done correctly the ropes or straps can themselves result in damage due to the friction of them rubbing against the furniture.

Another potential problem with poorly packed loads is they result in wasted space causing the need for an additional trip when one might only have been needed. This not only wastes everybody’s time but also adds considerable expense to the move.

It’s important to look for experienced removalists who employs trained professionals as opposed to those that employ transient workers and make sure they can produce positive testimonials and feedback from past customers.

Hire professionals to help you pack your items securely. You will also gain greater peace of mind as your belongings are delivered to your new home damage free and in one piece. Send Moves your details and we will give you a quick quote.

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