Five Reasons Why It May Not Be A Good Idea To Try To Move Yourself


In this challenging economic environment many more people are deciding to move themselves in order to save money but sometimes this is really not the most efficient or economical way to move.

Avoid this happening to you

You need to have a moving vehicle large enough to fit your furniture otherwise you could find yourself in a similar situation to this couple we saw and Facebook and could not resist sharing. We don’t really know the story behind trying to force the sofa into the hatch back but let us assume they are planning to move their house or apartment all using the hatch back.

1. What is the chance they will damage the sofa and/or inside of the car?

Even if they did manage to get it in or half way in and use rope to secure it there is a high likelihood that damage will occur due to rubbing of the sofa against surfaces in the car during the trip. Both the sofa and the car might be damaged.

2. If your friends helping you move drop the brand new LDC TV then will they pay to replace it?

Any legitimate removal company will provide insurance protection but if you move yourself you are responsible for any damage.

3. Who will pay the doctors bill for any personal injury?

If you or one of the people helping you move hurt themselves then who will pay the doctors bill? What if it requires taking time off work? When you use a removalist they take the risk.

4. How many trips will they need to make to move all their stuff in that tiny car?

A professional removalist can move a typical apartment in a few hours but using a car like this could turn it into a full weekend with multiple trips which would be exhausting.

5. How much fuel will they use making multiple trips?

If the new place is just around the corner then this will not be such a factor but if your new place is some distance you might use as much in fuel as you would pay a professional mover with a truck.

Hire professionals to help you pack your items securely. You will also gain greater peace of mind as your belongings are delivered to your new home damage free and in one piece. Send Moves your details and we will give you a quick quote.

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