Furniture Movers And Their Charges


Moving your furniture from one place to another is quite a tiring job. Re-organizing heavy items requires hiring furniture movers to ensure that items are not damaged. There is a great possibility that you will hurt yourself and even damage the item if you do not consider hiring professionals for your move. When searching for local furniture movers, the cost will play a big role in your hiring decision.

The cost factors for hiring furniture movers:

If you are wondering how much a moving company will charge for moving your furniture, you need to contact the company because the cost will depend on the kind of items that will be moved and the quantity. The volume of furniture will also be taken into consideration. A cheaper price for a moving service may seem very appealing to you, but there is a catch: you are not fully insured and your items will be handled by inexperienced removalists.

A great value for money means that you will be able to move your furniture and other heavy household contents safely. It will not happen if the staff is not fully trained. Also, you have to consider other influential factors such as fuel levies, toll charges, depot fees and many others.

You will also need to shell out for the special lifting equipment which is used to ensure that your furniture is properly handled. If you need help moving one piece of furniture, it is recommended that you check with the company in advance so you will know if there is an extra charge for special lifting equipment.

If you do not look at the bigger picture, you might think that hiring furniture movers can be expensive. However, if you think about its advantages, you will come to realise that professional services are worth considering. Some of its advantages include minimizing the chance of hurting yourself, spending less time completing the task, and ensuring safety of your furniture.

The service cost will always be a deciding factor for hiring furniture movers. Moves Transport has no minimum charge, no depot fees, no call out fees, no fuel levies and no toll charges. You will only pay for the service cost and you will be assisted by two fully trained and experienced removalists.

  • June 21, 2018