Holding A Moving Sale


Tips for Holding A Garage Moving Sale


Now is the perfect time to ditch that excess baggage. By getting rid of unnecessary possessions, you’ll reduce the weight of your shipment (save money) and get some extra traveling money for your effort.

So, start to sort through can’t-live-without-em items that have been sitting in the closet, untouched for years, and get ready to make some dough. Remember: Your trash is someone else’s treasure.

Organizing The Sale

  • Make a list of all sale items. Put a price tag on or near each item. You may not always get what you’re asking so be ready to negotiate. What you don’t sell you can donate to a local charity. Get a receipt and you can deduct it on your Federal tax return.
  • Gather some shopping bags and cartons to make it easy for customers to carry their new treasures home.
  • Display all “like” things together, ie. games, dishes, etc. so they’re easy to find.
  • Make sure everyone knows what is for sale and what isn’t (sounds obvious, but you would be surprised)
  • Make a cashier’s desk, complete with cash box, change, calculator, scissors, tape, string, markers, etc.
  • Assign everyone a responsibility for the day. If you’re moving solo, invite some friends over to help. Buy them a pizza with the profits.
  • Saturdays are the best days for garage sales, but be sure to avoid holiday weekends. Make sure to set a rain date.
  • The earlier the sale, the better. Bargain shoppers like to rise with the sun.
  • Where should you hold the garage sale? Garage is the obvious answer. But, depending on the time of year, the basement may be a better idea. Be sure to check with local authorities about restrictions before announcing your sale. Also, be sure there is enough space for parking and people.

Finally, publicize and promote. Contact your local paper about putting together a classified ad announcing the garage sale. Tell all your friends and neighbors. And, place directional signs in high-traffic areas on the day of the sale.

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