Not For Profit Moves

NFP Moves

Community Service and Responsibility

At MOVES TRANSPORT, we recognize that not everyone has the same advantages as many in our community. Often with the increased costs of housing, they are forced to move. Moreover, they can’t afford to hire professional removalists to help assist in their relocation needs.

MOVES has partnered with many not-for-profit and social welfare organisations who provide various support to their clients including assisting people in distress moving. These organisations play an important role by providing charitable support to the most vulnerable in our community.

We are proud to do our part in helping and enriching our community by offering our removalist services at a discounted rate of 10% OFF our regular fees to those groups performing this valuable and much needed service. Working together with our NFP partners we all hope to improve the lives of Australians.

Experience and Understanding Counts

Moving people in distress presents some challenges not present with typical relocations. Moving house in these situations often requires considerable patience and understanding. Clients may not be organised, under duress or actually may be reluctant to move in some cases.

Our removalists are very experienced in dealing with these kinds of challenges. We are understanding, and non judgmental and demonstrate patience and flexibility in the task of relocating them to their new home.

We also understand the needs and concerns of our NFP/Social Welfare Partners in moving them to their new location. Whether it is government housing or private residences, our goal is to make the move as smooth and uneventful as possible, keeping in mind the sensibilities of all concerned.

Removalist Melbourne Can Count On

MOVES are professional removalist in Melbourne offering comprehensive services for moving your home, office, or special moves, taking the utmost care of your possessions. Family owned and fully insured, you can count on us to provide affordable and efficient services whether you are a homeowner, NFP organisation or other entity.

For more information about our community service and responsibility programs contact us today.