Tips For Hiring Professional Moving Companies

You may have weighed the pros and cons of moving all of your stuff to your new home by yourself. While it is less expensive than hiring professional moving companies, the risk of DIY moving is just not worth it. There are cheap moving companies that provide great service. You just need to do your homework to find out which movers offer a reasonable rate and professional service.

Things you should NOT do when hiring moving companies:

Not listing down potential movers

The service cost is a primary concern, but this does not excuse you from hiring the very first mover you come across. Getting quotes from at least three companies will help you decide which option to consider. Some factors to consider are the quality of the service, cost and the company’s reputation and experience.

When you compare costs, make it a point to provide all the essential details. There are affordable moving companies that can give you a fair price. Do your research and background check to prevent potential moving problems.

Focusing too much on the price

For budget-conscious customers, the price will always be a top priority when hiring movers. However, focusing on the price alone will result in sacrificing the quality of the service. Some companies charge less for a reason. They may be unlicensed or uninsured. You might be saving a few bucks, but you have put your items in great danger.

Licensed and insured companies get you covered in case they have damaged your items. Cheap but unlicensed companies will not take full responsibility for handling your items.

Failing to have movers visit your home before hiring

It is difficult to ask for moving estimates without having a mover visit your home. You might end up dealing with one of the worst rated moving companies if you only rely on inaccurate estimates. Having a moving company visit your home will also enable you to see everything you are moving and ensure that the inventory they have quoted matches the items moved. The inventory will also help you to remind the movers about the delicate or fragile items that need special handling.

Not asking questions

Aside from the service cost, there are other details you need to know before you commit to hiring an affordable moving company. Asking about their experience, whether or not they have license and insurance can help you make a sound decision. If you are going to sign a contract, take time to read the fine print. You can never go wrong when you are aware of the terms and conditions you have agreed on.

Not all moving companies are the same!

Not all moving companies can make your moving experience a pleasant one. Hire trusted, reliable and professional movers today. Call Moves Transport at 1300 133 626 or visit for all of your packing and moving needs.


  • March 22, 2018